Senecio serpens
“Blue Chalksticks”

Senecio serpens “Blue Chalksticks” Senecio serpens "Blue Chalksticks"
photo: (left) ecos de pedra  

Smaller, tidier “Blue Fingers”! Ground-hugging and ever-blue, this semi-trailing groundcover makes an easy and attractive edging, as well as a fab foil for neighboring plants, particularly those that are lime in hue. Dusty blue “fingers” with pink tips add amazing texture & fab color to the dry garden - forming a tight and tidy weed-suppressing mat up to 1’ tall by 2’ wide. A MUCH nicer form than similar varieties that can get a bit leggy. Provide good drainage for a happy plant.

Claire Woods

Sun/Pt. Shade

USDA Zones 9b-10