Lavandula X intermedia ‘Provence’

Lavandula X intermedia ‘Provence’“Lavadin”

‘Provence’ caught the attention of my nose many years ago, and it proved an easy plant in the garden. A hybrid between L. angustifolia & L. latifolia, both of which are vigorous plants tolerant of warm humid Summers. They also perform well in dry climates & are known for their very intense scent. ‘Provence’ grows fast to 3’ tall & wide & can be used as a short aromatic hedge. It takes well to pruning when young & blooms profusely in the mid-late Summer. Though not suitable for oil production, the light blue flowers make excellent dry flowers for sachets & are also used in cooking. Pick before the flowers are fully open for best results or leave them to be enjoyed by bees & butterflies. Shear for best appearance when the blooms are spent. Lives about 5-6 years.

Anni J.

Low-No Water

USDA Zones 6-10