Eryngium foetidum

Rare in the States, but used extensively throughout Latin America and Asia, Culantro is valued for its strong, Cilantro-like flavor. Plus, Culantro stores better, can be dried and can be used either fresh or cooked. It’s far more heat tolerant than Cilantro - pinch out blooming stems if your plant starts to bolt. A biennial, but sometimes lives longer. Eryngium foetidum is originally native to tropical Central America, where it is found growing in semi-shaded areas in heavy soils. Forms a 10”x10” rosette of slightly serrated green leaves. Flowers emerge from the center on multi-branching stalks holding numerous clusters of tiny white or green flowers surrounded by a “star” of green leaves. So unusual and pretty! Rich soil with good drainage is recommended. Winter deciduous.


Part Sun/Shade
Avg. Water/Moist

Biennial Herb
(possibly perennial)
USDA zones 9-10