Ribes cereum
“Squaw Currant”
“Wax Currant”

 Ribes cereum “Squaw Currant” “Wax Currant”

Long lived, drought tolerant & ornamental with an abundance of red berries in Summer & Fall, “Squaw Currant” grows quickly to a densely mounding 3-5’ tall & wide. Native to much of the Western US including California, it’s a good low-care choice for almost any situation but especially useful for “wilder” areas, hillsides & habitat gardens as birds really love the conspicuous berries (edible but not tasty to us). Attractive, tidy, mid-green scalloped foliage. Charming small trumpet shaped pinkish flowers, held in clusters appear in Spring. Provide decently draining soil – not straight clay & water until established. Some Summer water is not a bad thing.


Moist-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 5-10