‘Anthony Parker’

Salvia ‘Anthony Parker’ 

Exploding into an intensely floriferous mass of deepest purple bloom from July till November, ‘Anthony Parker’s’ gracefully arching, almost 2’ long flowering stems & really dense form create a richly colored late season focal point for the garden. Loved by hummers, give this guy some room to shine as it can grow to 4’ x 4’. Cut back severely in Winter to maintain its lovely bushiness & side dress with compost in Spring. Discovered as a chance seedling by garden designer Frances Parker, it’s presumed to be a cross between Salvia leucantha ‘Midnight’ and Salvia elegans “Pineapple Sage.”  Full sun & rich composty soil for most awesome performance. Very drought tolerant once established.


Sun-Pt. Sun
Avg.-Low Water


    USDA Zones 8-10