Physocarpus capitatus
“Pacific Ninebark”

A popular plant in California native woodland gardens, originally found along streams in the Coastal Ranges and the Sierra foothills, it has proven itself very adaptable to dry woodlands, even tolerating serpentine soils. A deciduous shrub, it can grow to 8’ tall and has a delicate appearance with small Maple-like leaves and attractive white 3-5” flower clusters in the Spring. The leaves turn red-orange in the Fall and the common name “Ninebark” describes the distinctive bark which peels to show many layers at the same time. Pretty! Combine with other woodland plants like Aquilegia Formosa and Heuchera maxima. Will need more water if grown in sun in inland gardens.

Anni J.

Low/Avg. Water

CA Native Deciduous Shrub
USDA Zones 3-10