Bean ‘Royalty’

 Bean ‘Royalty’ “Purple Bush Bean”

‘Royalty’ is a particularly attractive Bush Bean with purple beans & purplish leaves. The 5-6” round pods are a gorgeous deep purple, & if you pick the beans young, the plants will continue to produce for a long period. The beans will turn green when cooked for 2 minutes (built-in blanching indicator.) They are crisp & very tasty. It can be grown several weeks ahead of green or yellow varieties. It is so pretty that it would even look great mixed into an ornamental garden. If you have but a small garden space available, Bush Beans are a great alternative to Pole Beans. No poles or trellises, just set the plants 3-6” apart in good garden soil & they will support themselves. ‘Royalty’ is a customer approved variety & is in high demand at the nursery. Once you have grown it, you will want it in your garden again.


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