Tomato ‘Michael Pollan’ 

Tomato ‘Michael Pollan’ Tomato ‘Michael Pollan’ 

photo:(left) Kelly Kilpatrick (right)Wild Boar Farms

‘Michael Pollan’ is an odd shaped mutant! (The tomato that is.) Egg shaped fruits are yellow with green stripes & some have little “nubbins” on the ends. Related to ‘Green Zebra’ but with a milder taste & a good amount of sweetness. Very popular in taste tests. Plus the bloom on this variety is reported to be quite showy. Nice! Named after the amazing author & teacher -whose books we highly recommend. ‘Michael Pollan’ is possibly susceptible to Blossom End Rot so make sure & water him evenly to prevent this from occurring. The tomato that is!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Avg. Water 

Indeterminate 80-90 Days
All USDA Zones