Tomato ‘B.W.P.S.’
Tomato ‘B.W.P.S.’

photo: Kelly Kilpatrick

In case you were wondering (& I know you are) ‘B.W.P.S.’ stands for ‘Big White Pink Stripe’ but expect neither white nor stripes, because this big, juicy slicing tomato (which is capable of producing fruits that weigh in at over a pound) has fruit that are more of a soft peach in color, with a faint, sort-of mottled blush. Flavor is sweet & fruity – some say melon-like with a nice tang. We’re on a mission to find big, beefy tomatoes that will PERFORM in our cool, foggy Summers. This one has promise! Some say it needs as little as 70 days. Indeterminate, 70-85 Days.

Claire Woods


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