'Flat-Leafed Italian'

Parsley Flat Leafed Italian

The work-horse of herbs! Its sweet flavor renders richness to almost any dish or stock. It also makes am amazing parsley pesto. I grew up with curly parsley but flat-leafed Italian is much tastier and because the leaves are smooth, it does not collect soil in frilly foliage. Italian parsley is a vigorous herb that can grow 2’ tall and wide when spaced 1-1.5’ apart. If planted closer, it will not get as big. Plant in good garden soil and keep well-watered in the dry season. Twist off the stems as you need them. It will flower and go to seed in the Spring and self-sows easily. One of the best herbs for growing indoors! It will grow all Winter long provided lots of leaves for soothing soups and stews!

Full Sun
Average water

Biennial/Annual Herb
USDA Zones 7-10