Penstemon pinifolius
“Pineleaf Penstemon”

Penstemon pinifolius “Pineleaf Penstemon” Penstemon pinifolius “Pineleaf Penstemon”

photo (right): Bryant Olsen

Set your Summer garden ablaze with this heat loving Penstemon for the rock garden that produces enough red-hot flowers to start a hummingbird turf war! Its season of color lasts for about two months during the late Spring & early Summer (some say much longer) with many spikes of tubular red blooms. Out of bloom, it looks a bit like a miniature conifer because of its needle-like leaves & woody base. Growing to around 1’ high & wide, it really prefers a well drained soil (raised beds work great) & a very sunny spot in the garden. Native to Arizona, New Mexico & Northern Mexico.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 4a-9b