Salvia leucophylla x clevelandii
‘Pozo Blue’

Salvia leucophylla x clevelandii 'Pozo Blue'

Found as a seedling at the famous CA native plants nursery Las Pilitas, ‘Pozo Blue’ is a natural hybrid. It inherited S. leucophylla’s extreme toughness and S. clevelandii’s scented foliage (although to discerning noses, the scent is not as strong and perhaps a tad “greener”). A fine plant in its own right, it has become a favorite substitute of “Cleveland Sage” when your soil is not to “Cleveland's” liking or if you find the scent of S. clevelandii too strong. It grows to 4'x4' with very grey foliage. The flowers are light violet blue, a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies. Las Pilitas calls this plant “The Native Butterfly Bush”. It is extremely cold tolerant (down to 5°F) though its brittle stems do not do well with heavy snow. Tolerant of 5-35" of rainfall, it grows in many soils from sand to heavy clay soil and is not damaged by salt spray near the ocean. One tough plant!

Anni J.

Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water
CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 8-10