Yucca rostrata
‘Sapphire Skies’

Yucca rostrata Sapphire Skies Yucca rostrata Sapphire Skies

Extraordinary beauty and bold architectural form makes this remarkably WINTER HARDY Yucca a fantastic choice for a well-drained garden or large container. Yes, it’s slow growing but wait even while it’s young it fills out quite quickly into a 3’ x 3’ rounded dome of slender flexible (not spikey) jade-green leaves for a stunning structural accent. In year 4, it develops the thick elegant textured whitish trunk to 15” across topped by a  3-4’ spherical “Koosh-ball” of the loveliest powder-blue foliage. To 10-12’ at maturity when huge candelabras of creamy-white flowers are displayed above the foliage. Hardy to -10 degrees to -15 degrees. Fire and deer resistant!


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 5-11