Darmera peltata
“Umbrella Plant”

Native to moist woodlands and streamsides of Northern California and Oregon, “Umbrella Plant” makes a magnificent bold design feature with its enormous leaves 12-18” across. Shade and moisture loving, it’s adaptable to most soils as long as it doesn’t dry out and is often grown beside water features, under redwoods, in containers (20+ gal) or in a consistently moist area of a garden. In early-mid Spring, delightfully showy clusters of pink flowers appear atop stout upright stems, usually before the foliage emerges – though here at our coastal USDA zone 10a nursery we get foliage and flowers simultaneously. Tough and long-lived, it spreads slowly to 4’ x 4’, so do provide this beauty room to shine. Lovely combined with ferns. Leaves turn red in the Fall! Deciduous. Deer resistant. Dislikes high heat, high humidity and desert conditions. May ship dormant.



USDA zones 5-9