Puya chilensis

Puya chilensis Puya chilensis

photos: Fundación Jardín Botánico Nacional de Viña del Mar

Astounding 3 FOOT TALL, ultimate chartreuse flower heads, glowing as if lit from within, arise atop stout 12’ stalks in Spring (lasting for months) like something from another planet. Filled with syrupy nectar, the large waxy blooms attract lots of birds & hummers who perch on the convenient stems held outwards from the flowers. Arguably the most beautiful & surreal member of the Bromeliad family, it forms pokey, hooked leaves in dense rosettes up to 5’ tall & wide. Spreading by offsets over time - just think what a formidable security wall it can make! Takes 10-15 years to bloom but then you & your Puya will live on in infamy as it flowers every year from then on! Drought tolerant, but enjoys some Summer water. Well-drained soil. Highly deer resistant!

Puya chilensis Puya chilensis


Avg/No Summer Water

USDA Zones 9-11