'Glaskin's Perpetual'  

Rhubarb 'Glaskin's Perpetual' 
Many of us have very fond memories of our mother’s strawberry rhubarb pie or compote – now you can grow your very own freshest of the fresh Rhubarb! Yum! As pretty as it is tasty, this seed-grown heritage variety originated in Brighton, England c. 1920. Growing 2-3’ tall with big crinkly tropicalesque leaves, it is an early and heavy producer and is also reputed to be the sweetest variety. Plant it in a permanent bed or large container in full sun (it will grow in a bit of shade but will be less productive). Prepare the soil with lots of compost and space 3’ apart. Let them grow for a season (clip off flowers if they appear) and you can pick some stems the second year. The third year (and for the next 10-15 years) you can pick all but 4 stems per plant. Don’t cut with a knife but pull off the stems at the base with a twisting motion. Then you’re ready to bake!

Anni J.

Sun-Pt. Sun 
Average Water

Perennial Vegetable
USDA Zones 2-10