Cuphea hybrid
‘Starfire Pink’

(C. ignea x C. angustifolia)

Cuphea x ignea ‘Starfire Pink’ (syn. Cuphea lanceolata ‘Starfire’)

Such whimsy! Tough, versatile, easy, fast & evergreenin mild climates like ours. With countless charming 1” bunny-faced blooms year-round& a dense shrubby habit to 3’ high & wide. It’s heat & shade tolerant, too! Hummingbird heaven!This effervescent Cuphea is useful & cheery in a wide variety of situ­ations. Given part to full sun & rich soil with average water, the plant can bloom so much the foliage becomes almost entirely obscured. Wow! Great in pots!

Cuphea x ignea ‘Starfire Pink’ (syn. Cuphea lanceolata ‘Starfire’)


Sun/Part Shade

 USDA Zones 8-10