Primula veris ‘Sunset Shades’

Primula veris 'Sunset Shades' Primula veris 'Sunset Shades'

So sweet and cheerful, who wouldn’t delight in seeing these spritely blooms dotting their shady garden in early Spring – often before anyone else is blooming? 3-4”clusters of fragrant, scarlet to red-orange blooms
bob merrily atop multiple, upright, 8-10” stems from February to June. Attractive low rosettes of rich green leaves spread over time to fill in sad little bare spots, especially as they are happy even in clayish soils (but better with some compost added!). Try it with blue perennial “Forget-Me-Nots” & yellow Aquilegia chrysantha. Perfect for pots & self-sows!



A.M. Sun/Shade
Avg Water/Moist

USDA Zones 5-10