Cabbage 'Filderkraut'

Cabbage 'Filderkraut' Cabbage 'Filderkraut'
photos: Amy Haack 

A unique arrow-shaped heirloom variety from Filder in Germany. It was bred for self-reliant gardeners in Europe so they could make wholesome batches of sauerkraut for Winter consumption. It would also make great coleslaw & kimchi. Grating is easy: you grab the blunt end of the cabbage & start grating down from the point. The plant will make a large rosette before forming the very unique head, which is reminiscent of a pointed wizard's hat (28” tall and 6” wide). Plant 2' apart in a well fertilized bed and harvest when the head feels firm to the touch.

Anni J.

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Vegetable