Dasylirion longissima
“Mexican Grass Tree”

Dasylirion longissima Mexican Tree Grass Dasylirion longissima Mexican Tree Grass
Photo (Left) by Amante Darmanin

Quite a stunning plant! (If you have the room for it!) Forming a dome of blue-green “leaves” that have a wonderful kineticism in any slight breeze. Give it room, it grows to 8-10' wide and wouldn't look right if its shape was marred by having to cut the leaves back. Both male and female plants have very tall (10-15') flower stalks. Female flowers will turn a lovely russet color as the mature. Blooms in late Winter and bees enjoy visiting the flowers. After 50 years or so it will start to develop a trunk - this is definitely an “heirloom” plant that your grandchildren can enjoy. Can be grown in a pot for a good while, too. Great for gardeners in fire prone areas as it is considered fire-retardant. Not hard to grow as long as you provide good drainage. Native to Mexico.

Low/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 8b-10