Delphinium elatum
'True Wild Form'

Delphinium elatum True Wild Form Delphinium elatum True Wild Form

The mother of all modern hybrid Delphiniums! And in my opinion, the easiest and most rewarding Delph for the garden. First of all, you’ll never have to worry, “What happened to my Delphinium?” Super strong and sturdy, this originates from the mountains of Europe has not been weakened by man’s quest for bigger blooms, shorter stature, etc. In fact, each year it grows more substantial and wider in girth. Almost always in bloom from Spring thru Fall, it’s a cut-and-come again continual cut flower machine in properly composted soil. Gorgeous flowers in blue and purple shades with rear spurs, and some feature fab, furry “bee-butts” in the center. Highly attractive to boy-bees. Hee-hee! No staking needed and very mildew resistant, too! Cut back any time to 3” tall for renewed fresh growth. To 3-4' high and 18-24"wide.

Delphinium elatum True Wild Form


Full Sun
Average Water

USDA Zones 3-10