Mimulus x aurantiacus

Mimulus aurantiacus Cherry Mimulus aurantiacus Cherry

A STUNNING low water, CA native shrub with gorgeous raspberry-colored flowers (perhaps the prettiest “Monkey Flower” we grow!) and a vigorous disposition. It’s also a magnet for both hummers and butterflies! Thrives in many exposures, from blaring sun to almost total shade, but it’s much more floriferous in full sun. Be judicious with your water once established, as it prefers a life of neglect, low water, low fertilizer, and little maintenance. Too much love has been the death of many a Mimulus! In super dry conditions, it may go partially dormant. Prune in early Spring to encourage bushiness. Grows from 2-3’ high and wide. DRY SHADE and CLAY TOLERANT!


CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 7-10