'Wedding Bells'

Tropical goodness and delicious fragrance perfumes the garden from early evening till morning. Fast-growing to a multi-branching 8-10’, it blooms almost year-round in temperate climates. Originally received by us under the wrong name, this much loved B. suaveolens hybrid is still unidentified – so we’ve named it ‘Wedding Bells’ because, why not? Large, lime-throated, bright white pendulous flaring trumpets to 7” across appear liberally Spring thru Fall-at least. Prune it shorter, train into tree form or leave it as a big, bushy shrub. Easily grown in rich, decently draining soil. Side-dress with compost twice a year. Deer resistant . Moths and hummers! Protect below 20-25° F.


Part Sun
Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 9-11