Scyphanthus elegans

Scyphanthus elegans Scyphanthus elegans

A delightful annual discovery! Blooming like mad for 3-4 months, this super rarity from Chile nimbly scrambles up any convenient support to thrill you with its 1” sunny yellow blooms sporting fascinating “architecture,” including prominent glossy red floral structures I can only assume are meant to attract pollinators. Easy & fast with pretty, frilly foliage, it can climb 4-8’ tall & will certainly give you something to crow about this year! First cultivated in 1824 but seen very little since - we've brought this rare & fascinating climber from Chile back into our gardens & find it to be a fascinating plant. Pair it with royal blue Anchusa capensis. Plant it at the base of a shrub & let it climb through, or on a trellis as its own show-piece. Hanging baskets! Rich, well-drained soil for best show.



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