Teucrium betonicum
“Madeira Germander”

Teucrium betonicum "Madeira Germander"

Where has this amazing shrub been all my life? EASY, carefree, heat & drought tolerant, evergreen & deer resistant & completely beautiful in bloom! A glorious multitude of showy 6”violet-rose spikes are held upright from top to bottom on a substantial 4’ x 4’ rounded form from May thru July.  It keeps its shape very well needing only a bit of pruning after a few years. Pleasing, heart-shaped, sage green foliage. A superb choice for any sunny garden, moist or dry – do try it! Well drained soil & an annual 2” layer of compost for best show.

Teucrium betonicum “Madeira Germander”


Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 9-11