Mirabilis multiflora
“Showy 4 o’clock”

Mirabilis multiflora “Showy 4 o’clock”Mirabilis multiflora “Showy 4 o’clock”

close up: Alan J.Hahn, form photo: Darin Mahkee

A late afternoon show-stopper! In the heat of Summer, at the hour of their name, this Southern Californian & Southwestern native unfurls hundreds of magenta to pink trumpets. Unlike the 4 o’clocks to which we are accustomed, this is NOT INVASIVE. It is, however, a tough one! Roots are tuberous & go deep, allowing this plant to survive in bad soil and in drought & heat. Grows to 2’ high & 4’ wide & is deciduous in Winter. Bloom season is April-September. No supplemental water is needed once established!

Claire Woods


USDA zones 4-10