Bean 'Italian Romano'

Bean 'Italian Romano'
photo: Todd Kerr

Romano beans were developed in Italy & this variety received the highest rating in terms of flavor & tenderness. It grows as a vine to 6-8' tall & will need a pole or a trellis to support it. If the plant gets taller than your support, just nip off the tips. Compared to bush types, pole beans produce beans over a much longer period & as long as you keep harvesting beans, they will keep producing. Romano beans differ from the better known rounded types by being wide & flat. They have a very distinctive flavor & a meaty texture. Some people consider them so good that they grow Romano beans only. The beans (eaten green) are ready when they make a crisp snapping sound when broken in half. Excellent steamed or sauteed with other Summer vegetables. Please note that Romanos cook faster than other green beans you may be familiar with.

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