Rubus calycinoides
“Creeping Raspberry”

Rubus calcynoides "Creeping Raspberry"

A standout groundcover! “Creeping Raspberry” makes a dense, evergreen, weed suppressing mat of deep green leathery leaves only 3” tall, and up to 4’ wide – rooting along the stems to expand its reach. This beautiful cascader is choice for a hillside, container, or hanging basket! It’s tough, dependable, deer resistant, drought tolerant and NOT INVASIVE! In Summer 1” blooms appear held close to the foliage followed by showy bright orange edible berries! In Fall the leaves take on a charming red hue. Tolerates hot, sunny sites, and slopes. Avoid overwatering and provide good drainage for best health.


Perennial Groundcover
USDA Zones 6-10