Cantua 'Hot Pants'

Cantua 'Hot Pants' Cantua 'Hot Pants'

A different, beautifully bi-colored form of one of our hottest rarities! A softer stemmed clone, with a more lax habit than our original, this beauty also sports the most beautiful flowers of all the Cantuas we grow (just my opinion!) -a glowing orange tube, that flairs into a magenta skirt. In ideal conditions, even this Cantua can become a 7' shrub (tall & wide,) but pruning will keep it a more manageable size. Bloom time is around March, & although Spring is the best, & showiest display, blooms will appear sporadically for a few months after. Best in cooler areas, or in shade if you live inland. Flowers are fabulous when backlit!

Reg/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-11