Clerodendron bungei
“Mexican Hydrangea”

Clerodendron bungei “Mexican Hydrangea”

Fragrant magenta & lavender blooms invite butterflies & hummingbirds through Summer on this easy to grow “pass along” plant. Leaves are a lush deep green, often with a burgundy reverse. Up to 6' in height (maximum), & can run wider. Sends out runners & can become a bit thuggish, but is a great problems solver for out of the way areas where you want some easy filler! On walks, I often see this plant persisting in long neglected gardens. I'm glad that it's not quite as aggressive here as it is in the South! I'm sure that our drier clime helps keep in in check some. If you're concerned about it spreading, it adapts very well to life in a container.

Claire Woods

Pt. Shade-Pt. Sun

USDA Zones 7-11