Beschorneria x 'Martin Grantham Hybrids'

Beschorneria x 'Martin Grantham Hybrids' Beschorneria x 'Martin Grantham Hybrids'

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Fabulous drama for the dry garden! These are seed grown plants - the second generation from an interspecies cross made by Martin Grantham that resulted in modestly sized B. septentrionalis-like plants with particularly dark magenta stalks & flowers. We received a generous donation of seed from Alwyn de Wally of Berkeley, whose long established mother plants are about one foot wide, & about 4' in height when in bloom. The beet red blooming stems emerge from the soft yet rigid leaves in early Summer, & persist for months after the blooms fade, often with decorative & dark red seed pods. Beschornerias are from Summer rainfall areas, & are sensitive to Winter wet, so be very careful with them if you are transplanting them during cooler, wetter months. Once established they are very drought tolerant, & splendid specimens!

Claire Woods

Part Shade-Full Sun

USDA Zones 8-11