Holodiscus discolor

Holodiscus discolor "Oceanspray"
Photos by Old Man Travels (Left) & Pete Veilleux (Right)

An elegant & highly decorative shrub native to much of the Western U.S., “Oceanspray” is also one TOUGH cookie, adaptable to almost any situation. DROUGHT and deer resistant and tolerant of most soils, including CLAYISH, it needs little maintenance other than occasional pruning. About 4-5’ tall, though taller in some areas, gracefully arching stems clothed in 2.5” triangular leaves present an exquisite long-lasting May-July display with 5” sweetly scented frothy antique white flower clusters (beautiful in bouquets!). Suitable for growing UNDER OAKS and excellent for erosion control and hillsides, it’s also a great habitat shrub for birds, pollinators and as host plant for many butterflies. Can be grown in sun or shade but looks better with a little bit of both, such as on the edge of a tree canopy. Can also tolerate salt air and wind. Deciduous.


Sun/Pt. Shade
Low/No Summer Water
CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 5-10