Lampranthus sp.
'Hot Flash'

Lampranthus sp. 'Hot Flash' Lampranthus sp. 'Hot Flash'

Grab the fan & open the windows for this heat-loving hotty! Blazing 1.5-2” neon magenta-pink blooms almost cover the pretty blue-green succulent foliage in Spring, appearing in lesser numbers thru Summer. A well-behaved little shrublet to 1’ tall and 3’ across, it’s a savvy choice for a small-scale groundcover, trailing over the edge of a bed for a low effort, low water container subject. Delivering brilliant color to a dry garden, it’s especially nice surrounding larger succulents and wild combined with vibrant orange Lampranthus aurea ‘Orange Form’. Salt tolerant and deer resistant.


Full Sun
USDA Zones 9-11