Acacia constricta
“Whitethorn Acacia”

Acacia constricta “Whitethorn Acacia”Acacia constricta “Whitethorn Acacia”

A tough little tree for tough locations, yet with a softer side too! This Acacia can take a lot of abuse- drought, heat, cold- & is armed with sharp white spines that make it a good candidate for a barrier plant but that I also find rather pretty. What are definitely pretty are the soft yellow ½” puffballs of flowers that appear April-June. Fragrant too! Native to desert washes from Arizona to Texas to Mexico, it does best with deep infrequent waterings. A long lived tree or large shrub growing to 20’ tall & wide. The pretty, ferny foliage will drop during times of extreme drought or cold. Produces 5” long seed pods that are quite attractive too. They start out a crisp green & mature to a deep mahogany. A nearly pollen-free plant, so don’t worry about Acacia allergies!

Kelly Kilpatrick

No-Low Water

Shrub or Tree 
USDA Zones 5-11