Encelia farinosa

Encelia farinosa “Inciencio” Encelia farinosa “Inciencio”
Photos courtesy of Xenomorph of davesgarden.com(left) & Geoff Stein (right)

Native bees and butterflies just love this shrubby sunflower relative from the South West, California and Mexico. The 2-3” orange/yellow flowers come in large clusters on stems rising out of a 3’ silvery shrub. It blooms mostly in the spring but also occasionally through the year. The shrub can be cut back in the fall to make it more compact. The leaves are evergreen, fragrant and were burned as incense and chewed by the native people of the area. It is extremely drought tolerant to the point of not looking good if watered. So go easy with the water around this one. If you have a difficult hot spot with reflected heat from concrete sidewalks or walls, or if your soil is very sandy, Inciencio can take it. It will look good with coastal scrub plants like Artemisia, sages and annuals like Gilia nevinii.


Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water

USDA zones 8-10