Zauschneria cana
‘Calistoga Hybrids’

Zauschneria cana Calistoga Hybrids Zauschneria cana Calistoga Hybrids

ground covering California native with HUGE hummer attracting flowers that smother showy grey-green leaves on this low-water, low-maintenance, deer resistant, drought tolerant plant. Grown for its broad, grey leaves, low form and boldly colored carmine flowers, Zauschnerias prefer loose drainage, but adapt easily to CLAY SOIL. Plants do tend to flower and perform better if provided with some Summer water. An occasional, but light shearing, or hard pruning in late Fall, will rejuvenate growth and keep it looking its best. Rich or poor soil works fine. To 1-2’ high and 2-4’ wide.

Zauschneria cana Calistoga Hybrids

Full Sun

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 7-11