Drosanthemum micans

Drosanthemum micans Drosanthemum micans

I’m tres crazy about this EASY TO GROW bringer of sunshine. EVERBLOOMING here along the coast-even in Winter, its form is tight and compact with small, dense, bright-green foliage 2.5’ tall and about 3’ across. Smothering itself in golden centered, red-tipped sunniest-yellow, many-rayed blooms 2” across, it’s one of those big-bang-for-the-buck fellows. Native to S. Africa and highly drought tolerant, it does look best with at least occasional water and a bit of compost. Super for edging a rock garden, in a container (at least 2’ wide) or anywhere you need a carefree wonder plant. Cut back once a year for best show.


Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 8-10