Cuphea viscosissima
“Tall Violet Cuphea”

Cuphea viscossisima “Tall Violet Cuphea”

Hailing from Mexico, this species has large (for a Cuphea), purple “batface” flowers borne en masse on upright stems to 3’! This rare species acts like an annual in colder zones, germinating with warm weather in the garden beds. Superb color for the Summer garden, & hummingbirds adore it, of course. Most parts of the plant are sticky, as the species name suggests. Rich soil is best, with average water, but maybe a little more if grown in full sun. SUPER easy to grow, very rewarding! Reseeds!

Claire Woods

Pt Sun-Shade

Avg Water

Perennial (sometimes annual)
USDA zones 9-11