Aeonium hierrense

"Giant Houseleek"

Aeonium hierrense "Giant Houseleek" Aeonium hierrense

Super rare & possibly the most majestic of all Aeoniums, this giant boasts impressive red-edged, long-leaved rosettes to 30” across atop thick, tropicalesque stalks to 3’ tall. Handsomely patterned in olive green & white, they look like designer palm trunks! After 3 or more years, it bursts into a pyramidal head of pink & white starry blooms. It’s monocarpic, so after blooming it will pass away (hopefully leaving behind lots of seed!).To our knowledge we are the first nursery in the U.S. to offer this elephant-sized & imposing species - possibly the largest in the genus. EASY & low maintenance, it makes a stunning subject for a container or dryish well-drained garden.

Claire Woods

Aeonium hierrense
flower photo: Kelly Kilpatrick

Low Water

drought tolerant

USDA Zones 9-11