Chorizema diversifolia
“Climbing Flame Pea”

Delicate twining stems bear a profusion of show-stopping hot pink and orange pea flowers among mid-green elliptical leaves in Spring. Vining (or trailing) to 4’, so it’s not going to eat your whole garden! Prefers moist, freely draining soil, but cannot tolerate boggy conditions, and can take full sun, but likes part sun better. Prune after flowering to shape and to keep the plant compact. Named by the French botanist Jacques Labillardiere, who traveled to Australia in the late 1700’s. His team of explorers would dance and rejoice every time they saw this plant and water at the same site, thus “choros” – the Greek word for dance, and “zema” the Greek word for drink. Those zany explorers! This plant would be ideal as an edging along a rock wall or in a large hanging basket, and can take some frost.

Claire Woods,

Average Water
USDA Zones 9-11