Dymondia margaretae
"Silver Carpet"

Dymondia margaretae Silver Carpet

One of the best low-water groundcovers you can grow! Extremely drought tolerant, deer resistant and able to withstand plenty of foot traffic, it’s a great choice for replacing a lawn, planting between pavers or even as a container specimen. Growing to less than a couple inches tall and spreading reliably over time, this South African native forms a DENSE, weed suppressing mat of curled blue-green leaves with a silvery underside for a beautiful, glowy effect. In Summer, small yellow daisy-like flowers appear, held tight to the foliage. Best planted in full sun along the coast, it benefits from some shade in hotter inland gardens. Provide regular water when establishing to encourage spreading. Once fully established it should only need water during extended periods of drought. Tolerates poor soil, but needs good drainage and hates wet feet. Once established only requires a light weekly water.

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Low Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 9b-11