Tecoma stans
“Yellow Bells”

Tecoma stans “Yellow Bells” Tecoma stans “Yellow Bells”

A beautiful, easy & fast growing small sized tree or shrub native to our Southwestern states & Central South America. Highly prized for its long flowering season – Summer to late Fall – & its highly ornamental bright yellow 2” long trumpet shaped flowers held in sprays at branch tips. And hey, its foliage is really pretty too. From 12-18’ tall, it can be pruned heavily after flowering to maintain a compact shape. Happy grown in a large container or a patio planter too, where it will max out at 4’-5’ tall. Tecoma stans does appreciate protection from wind if you live right on the coast. Many medicinal uses. Provide decent soil & summer moisture, semi-deciduous. Attracts hummers, butterflies & bees.


Avg. water
USDA Zones 8-12