Michauxia campanuloides
"Michaux's Bellflower"

Michauxia campanuloides "Michaux's Bellflower" Michauxia campanuloides "Michaux's Bellflower"

Arrestingly beautiful in bloom & EASY to grow, this unusual member of the Campanula family is native to Lebanon & Israel & finds itself right at home in our Mediterranean climate. A multitude of curious, lantern-like buds open into a grand candelabra of fantastical 4” pure white, passion flower like blooms beginning in early Summer & continuing till August if dead-headed. Loamy or well-drained soil. Killer cut flowers! Blooms 1st or 2nd year & self-sows. To 5’ tall & 3’ wide. Fun trivia - the genus Michauxia is named after King Louis XVI of France’s royal botanist, Andreas Michaux, who traveled to America during the late 1700’s in search of ornamental plants in the New World.


Michauxia campanuloides "Michaux's Bellflower"

Avg/Low Water

Short Lived Perennial
USDA Zones 5-11