Dalea purpurea
“Purple Prairie Clover”

Dalea purpurea “Purple Prairie Clover” Dalea purpurea “Purple Prairie Clover”

Perennial & carefree once established, this true gem of an American wildflower is native to a wide range of habitats in our Central states. Cheerful rosy-purple dense flowering “cones” 1”-3” long are happily displayed atop upright stems for 1 1/2 months in Summertime. Beginning at the bottom, the flowers-studded with golden anthers – move up the cylindrical cones as the season progresses & are highly popular with bees & butterflies. Attractive finely cut foliage, too. Very “Midwestern prairie” planted with perennial Rudbeckias like R.triloba. Forming a long tap root, Dalea purpurea tolerates sand, clay & drought but looks best in well drained soil with average moisture. It’s slow to develop in the garden – so a bit of patience is required but aptly rewarded! Grows to 2’x2’.


Avg-Low Water

Deciduous Perennial
USDA Zones 3-10