Phlomis cashmeriana
‘Seed Hunt Selection’

"Kashmir Sage"

Phlomis cashmeriana Kashmir Sage Phlomis cashmeriana Kashmir Sage

This beauty has been a long time coming! 15 years ago we grew this exceptionally handsome little Phlomis from seed received from Ginny Hunt. We loved it and hoped to introduce to you, however, Ginny no longer had seeds and my little plant at home never produced! We tested many Phlomis, hoping to find a match, but no. Then suddenly my plant set enough seeds for our FIRST EVER crop at Annie’s! More perennial than regular P. casmeriana, it grows to 2’ by 2’ with very handsome dark grey green leaves with a felted white underside. Blooms in the Spring/early Summer with many spikes of pink flowers, and the classy leaves make it look good even out of bloom. My plant has never received water beyond rainwater, even during the big drought, and it needs very little maintenance. Cut off old flower spikes and some of the old leaves in the winter (semi-deciduous). Beautiful, tough as nails and a rare plant that almost got lost to horticulture. Highly recommended.

Anni J.,

Full Sun

USDA Zones 8-11