Mentha rotundifolia
‘Bowles Mint’
“Apple Mint”

Mentha rotundifolia ‘Bowles Mint’ “Apple Mint”

Attention Mint aficionados! This lovely, soft leaved mint has a  rounded form and a superior selection to many of the varieties commonly offered. It’s also more rust-resistant and has less of a tendency to run amok. It’s commercially cultivated as the primary ingredient in mint sauces and is indispensable as a go-to plant for Summer drinks. Mojitos!  Mint grows pretty much anywhere and tolerates almost anything. In addition to being tasty and having a smorgasbord of medicinal uses, the fuzzy leaves and rounded 2’x2’ form make a soothing textural mass that gently compliments its neighbors. Grow in a pot if you’re unwilling to mind the runners, as even a well behaved mint is still a mint, after all.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 6-10