Diascia integerrima
“Hardy Twinspur”

Diascia integerrima “Hardy Twinspur” Diascia integerrima “Hardy Twinspur”

Fast, easy, long blooming & enormously useful, this ever-so-pretty Diascia species flowers abundantly from Spring through Fall. To 18” tall & quickly filling out to 30" across, it starts from a tight clump with many wiry rigid stems gracefully branching upwards into open spikes of mauve-pink flowers like flattened snapdragons with dark centers & conspicuous downward curving spurs. Flowers open towards the bottom of the stem while new buds form continuously at the top. Super for spilling out from the front of the bed or rock garden & enormously popular as a container subject, this tough perennial likes full to part sun in hottest areas, & humus rich, well-drained soil. Pinch back regularly to encourage continuous blooming. Cut back in Winter for fresh growth.


Avg./Low Water
USDA Zones 6-10 (maybe to Zone 5)