“Blue Rose”

Rosa Veichenblau Blue Rose Rosa Veichenblau Blue Rose

As close to a blue colored rose as you can wish for, “Blue Rambler” will take your breath away with HUGE CLUSTERS of 10-30 flowers per cluster nearly covering the rich green foliage. Blooming in Spring for 2-3 months, the flowers are so lovely – single to semi-double 2”-2.5” blooms of unusual, soft violet-purple, highlighted with golden stamens. Highly fragrant as well – almost fruity scented! Fast, vigorous and disease free, the arching canes can reach 15’, so we prune ours back here on its garden arch, to about 8’-9’ every January. Multiflora rambler introduced in 1909. A layer of compost in Spring for health and happiness. Grown on its own roots. A once bloomer, but well worth growing for it’s unusual color and healthy character.


Average water (inland)
Low water (coast)
Perennial Rambling Rose
USDA Zones 5-10