Rosa ‘Russeliana’
“Russel’s Cottage Rose”
“Old Spanish Rose”

We received material for this lovely & very old
(it was introduced in 1840 or so) multiflora rambler from our friend Marion Brenner. It was a mystery in her garden for many years & remained unidentified until she discovered its twin on a visit to Alcatraz, which is home to gardens that were long ago planted for the benefit of the people who lived on “The Rock” when it was an active prison. It’s tenacity & tolerance of harsh sites is one of the defining characteristics of this Rose, which is, in addition, is very double & very fragrant. It’s a once bloomer (in mid-Spring) with distinctive foliage & (clearly) it does well here in the Bay Area. Blooms are of medium size, blooming pink & fading to purple. Grows to 10-20’ in time.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 5?-10