Kniphofia northiae
“Octopus Red-Hot Poker”

Kniphofia northiae “Octopus Red-Hot Poker” Kniphofia northiae “Octopus Red-Hot Poker”
photo: (left) marta9

Well worth growing for the foliage alone! Astonishing, Aloe–like rosettes, 4-6’ across, sport extremely wide leaves – to 6”across!– that trail out, octopus-like, on the ground. Stunning, clubbish flowerheads of vibrant orange & yellow rise above the foliage on numerous stout stems in Summer to a height of 4-6’, creating a total garden highlight wherever it’s planted. Happy almost anywhere, as it’s not fussy about soil & tolerant of wet and dry and even clay soil. Awesome in large containers, too! Deer resistant! Drought tolerant but best looking with some Summer water. Named after Marianne North (1830-1890), a botanical artist that painted plants all over the world when it was uncommon for a woman to travel so much. Kniphofia northiae is featured in one of her paintings. Highly recommended!


Kniphofia northiae “Octopus Red-Hot Poker”
painting by Marianne North

Sun/Pt. Sun
Low-High Water

USDA Zones 6-11